Most jobs that we complete, we order the materials for delivery to site. Sometimes these will be delivered before we start, and they will be the customers responsibility to safely store them. They will be purchased with the customers deposit.


Some jobs we complete require scaffolding. We use various companies dependant on the job location for scaffolding. They usually put them up a couple of days before works start and can take up to 7 days after to take them down. 


A lot of jobs will be noisy, from cutting tiles to hammering nails and some. It is the customers responsibility to inform neighbours of works being completed if they are concerned about noise complaints. We only make noise during the hours working 8-6pm Mon-Friday. We only make noise outside these hours if its an emergency callout. 


In most instances, we require a deposit to secure the work and purchase materials. If there is a payment plan, and a payment is due, we may pull off the job until its paid. Payments plans must be stuck to. When we state ‘£amount on completion’, we mean the same day we have finished the works. When the job is complete. Regardless if scaffold is still up or not. 


The UK weather is very unpredictable. Sometimes we may re-schedule due to weather and then it may be okay, but we may plan our day to do inside work for the sake of losing work. We cannot wait until mornings to decide, so sometimes we decide 1-2 days before based on a forecast. We also don’t work in the rain in most circumstances due to staff safety, damage to tools and staff health. We also don’t want to damage customers properties. 


If we are working internally, we expect the customer to clear the room and its furniture and items. We can assist if asked beforehand and organised before we arrive. We ask this be the case due to things being damaged and also so that we are able to start works as soon as we arrive as we may have other jobs to complete in the same day. We can sheet up furniture left in rooms if need be, but this must be communicated 2 days before we start.


Most new roofs and jobs may involve a guarantee. These are sent within 2 weeks of completion. We do not send these if payment is still due. We only provide guarantees once full payment has been made.


Sometimes we incur delays due to material stock and weather. Rest assured we will do everything we can to get the job back on track. If the customer causes us any delays in working, this may be chargeable.